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I spent the day with the Metro East Anglers to help with receiving 12,500 Chinook Salmon from the hatchery and loading them in the pen. The MEA are also the group the manage the Ringwood Hatchery. What a great group of guys and very dedicated to our Lake Ontario. For those that don't know, Lake "O"is probably the best salmon fishery in the country now including the west coast. Much of this is due to the incredible job all the clubs and organizations do to support this fishery.

Being a bass tournament angler when I see a bass fry I think wow in just 10 years that little guy will be about 5 pounds on Simcoe. When you think that this little bugger will come back in 3 years over 25 pounds you just shake your head.

We even had help from some new recruitment's. These are the ones that will carry on the tradition in years to come when we are to old to help but still want to fish.

Under the dock where the pen was there was a huge pike just staring into the pen. Little did he know these guys in the pen will dwarf him one day.

Mayor Patricia (Pat) Perkins and Councilor Lorene Cor were on hand for the arrival. Politicians around Lake Simcoe (excluding Orillia and Barrie) should take some lessons from our neighboring Lake Ontario Cities. This wasn't just a photo op, Whitby and other cities have invested appropriately to draw tourism and provide excellent facilities for boaters and anglers.

Thanks for letting me be part of a great day and I have never been so confident in a fishery that is now producing record results after years of work. That combined with a very dedicated OMNR FMZ 20 Lake Manager Andy Todd who is an avid angler, I think we are in pretty good hands.

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