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Title: Islands report
Post by: Krawler on November 11, 2020, 09:38:29 am
If you ever wondered if Silver fish hang around Christian, Hope or Beckwith at this time of year in any numbers or size you better think again haha.  I'm sure they are around, finding them in the little time you have is the problem.  I trolled different points around all the islands this past weekend, trolled structure and depths ranging from 10-175fow.  Not a lot to report!!! 
The bait was in every depth, mostly scattered along the bottom although marked a few suspended schools.  We didnt mark a lot of fish either which surprised me.  Boated a laker and hit a big silver fish flatlining off beckwith but it came undone.  Once October rolls around the Islands shut down!  I think most fish go offshore for the winter and lakers will transition shallower to spawn.

Tried for musky too around the Islands.  Speed trolled some big baits but no rips.  I know they are there, mid october last year we took a rip and lost a good one around Christian.

Ill stick to the shallows from now on and closer to the Notty if the wind and weather gods allow me to get out again this year. 

Title: Re: Islands report
Post by: Grandpa Jim on November 12, 2020, 08:06:23 am
Nothing ventured, nothing gained! I've got both boats in storage so my fishing has ended. Traded the rods and tackle for my Browning Lightning Citori and my son's retriever. My better half insists I'm far too old for upland game bird hunting but hard to break a sixty year old fall habit.
Thanks for your informative post concerning the islands. There are definitely muskies in various areas around the islands but they would be a lot more numerous in the inshore bays where the herring would provide a steady diet.
We took a very good musky off the north side of Beckwith just west of Booby Rock a number of years ago. The musky hit a salmon spoon that was being set up with a long lead and was just in the process of the line being set in the rigger release. We thought we had hooked into a giant pike but there was no doubt what it was when released boatside after a good battle.
Thanks for all your posts and information over the past year.
Title: Re: Islands report
Post by: Krawler on November 12, 2020, 11:07:31 am
No problem Jim, couldn't resist a troll with the perfect weather. 

Where do you do your upland game hunting?  I found woodsensoreds pushed early in our area, peak time is usually end of October and never really saw them around then but saw them prior, nothing in November. 

Lots of grouse this year but impossible to get a shot without a dog.  Lost all permission on fields for waterfowl :(