Author Topic: 4th annual "RAY DAYZ" salmon and trout derby  (Read 1730 times)

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4th annual "RAY DAYZ" salmon and trout derby
« on: August 04, 2017, 02:08:13 pm »
Come on out to our 4th annual "RAY DAYZ" salmon and trout derby, start time Friday august 18th 12 noon.... till Saturday august 19th at 2pm for weight in, fish fry and prizes, camping and mooring  is available at little sand beach on Christian island, launching available at a.c. marina(end of 17th conc , tiny). these are the best chances and times for those large king salmon.... for more info please call Ray at 705-529-6250,... or 705-533-2867

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Re: 4th annual "RAY DAYZ" salmon and trout derby
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2017, 07:15:59 pm »
Big thanks to Ray and Mark for putting this fun derby on. The weather did not cooperate with big winds and rain for the day, but there were fish to be caught. The hardy ones who toughed out the rough waters were rewarded with fish. Heaviest salmon was just shy of 15lbs I believe and big rainbow was 7lbs and change. Most fish were caught on the Friday afternoon as the constant wind stirred up the bay and the fish moved and lockjaw set in.
Fishfry and food was delicious and sure hit the spot after spending the two days being tossed around in the boat. Great prizes and lots of laughs back at the beach finished off the two days.
One of the salmon weighed in had a very unique yellow marking around its pectoral fin. We were thinking it might be a DNR dye marking the year class of stocking, but after a bit of research it turns out that mature salmon can get these yellow spots going into the spawning phase of their life cycle. The flesh of this fish was also a very bright orange color compared to the usual Gbay salmon. Almost looked like a bc salmon.

IMG_20170819_1414467 by jvb_ca, on Flickr

Will be back out this weekend to try and redeem ourselves after a dismal weekend for us.

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